Save Page Now and get a permalink from the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive (IA) announced some changes to the WaybackMachine a few days ago, including a tool that allows users to submit a link to the IA for archiving and then receive a permalink if the submit was successful.  The Save Page Now tool is available on the WaybackMachine home page and is fully described by blogger Karen Coyle.

Previously, there was not a reliable way for users to request that links be archived in the IA.[1]  Captured pages also would not be visible for months.  New captures are now visible in roughly an hour, and users instantly receive a permalink for an archived page.

The IA is also undertaking other related initiatives, including fixing broken links in WordPress and Wikipedia and possibly archiving all Wikipedia links.  IA’s Alexis Rossi presented these new changes at a recent Internet Archive celebration.  A video recording is available on the IA website.

The tool described in my post on linkrot does more than archive webpages.  It captures ephemeral content like pop-ups and search results pages that are not archived or displayed by the IA. also allows users to see the links they have created from their account dashboard.  Still, Save Page Now is a great tool for students, academics, and bloggers who want to push cited content into the archive and permanently link to an archived page.

HT @LibraryJournal and @mfgaede

[1] Jason Hennessey and Steven X. Ge, “A Cross Disciplinary Study of Link Decay and the Effectiveness of Mitigation Techniques,” in “Proceedings of the Tenth Annual MCBIOS Conference,” supplement, BMC Bioinformatics 14, no. S5 (2013): Discussion, doi:10.1186/1471-2105-14-S14-S5,


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